(from most recent to oldest)

2024 - DIANA DEATH "Twilight of the Latin God" digital single exclusively on SoundCloud, a Latin Freestyle version of an Amon Amarth song. DD on beat, keyboards, guitars, and vocals

2023 - DIANA DEATH feat. DENIM ECSTACY - "Latin Boomer" digital release only on Soundcloud, BandLab, and YouTube. Diana Death on vocals, guitar, keyboard, and beat; Meg aka Denim Ecstacy on vocals and bass doing a Latin Freestyle cover of a G.G. Allin song

         HIT ON THE HEAD movie soundtrack "Under the Knife"

   VEGAS AND THE ODDS CD - guitar on all songs/backup vocals/co-  composer of "Burnt By You"

2022 - DIANA DEATH and DAVID ROBLES - "Disease" digital single; lead guitar/lead vocals and lyrics

2021 - THE DINETTES - Staring at the Sun XII CD compilation - guitar on "Take Take Take"

   DIANA DEATH and DAVID ROBLES - "Dead Wrong" digital single; lead vocals and lyrics

   RAZOR NIGHTS - Last Days digital album; guitar/backup vocals

   DIANA DEATH - Odds and Ends digital album; various demos and previously unreleased songs

2019 - RAZOR NIGHTS - Come Without Warning LP; guitar/bass/backup vocals on all songs, lead vocals/composition on "IDGAF"

   EL VEZ - Liz Renay 7"; guitar/backup vocals

2017  - DIANA DEATH - Staring at the Sun XII CD compilation - "Long Lashes"

2015 - THE LITTLE RICHARDS - Bama Lama Bama Loo LP; piano/guitar/backup vocals on all songs, lead vocals on "Ooh My Soul" and "Miss Ann"

   THE LITTLE RICHARDS - The Girl Can't Help It 7"; piano/backup vocals

2014 - THE ROSALYNS - Hide and Seek 7"; guitar on all songs, lead vocals on "Destroy That Boy"

2012 - THE VERY - "Midnight Rebels/Marco Polo" CD single; bass

2011 - THE VERY - The Discovery CD; bass/backup vocals

   THE VERY - "A-Okay/Hush Gush" CD single; bass/backup vocals

2010 - DIANA DEATH - "Subete a Mi Moto" single (Menudo cover);                                      guitar/bass/vocals

2009 - DIANA DEATH BAND - 4 song CD demo; guitar/vocals/composition

2007 - THE DEEP ONES - International Pop Overthrow Vol. 13 CD compilation - "Liverpool"; guitar/vocals/composition

2003 - DEADBOLT - Haight Street Hippie Massacre album; Farfisa organ on "Go Tell Alice"

2002 - ROXY SAINT - The Underground Personality Tapes DVD; guitar on  "Rebel"

2001 - DEADBOLT - Hobo Babylon album; backup vocals on various songs, guitar/bass/lead vocals/composition "The Hearse"

   ABINGABANGABOOM - unreleased CD demos; guitar/lead vocals on "Cosa Nostra", I'll Be Your Mirror (VU cover)

2000 - DEADBOLT - Voodoo Trucker album; backup vocals

            THE GORY DETAILS 7"; recorded 1998, guitar/bass/vocals on all songs