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2011 to present, impersonating Johnny Thunders. After the Deep Ones debacle I immersed myself in Thunders’ music, fashion, and stage presence. I consider it a spiritual act more than a rock gig, helping to keep his songs heard and not forgotten. I feel especially connected, because the last gig Thunders ever played was in Okinawa on April 8th, 1991: my birthday.

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2012 - present I impersonate Poison Ivy Rorschach in this tribute to The Cramps

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2011-2012 I composed beats and songs on my ‘80s Casio + ‘90s Yamaha keyboards for this attempt at being a minimalist synth + vocalist duo like Suicide or Sparks. The collaboration didn’t last beyond several goth-themed gigs + a few YouTube videos, which have since been deleted by Erleen.

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After being spotted doing a Chinese Rocks gig at Tower Bar by keyboardist Sue Delguidice, she and lead singer Doriot Dinette asked if I would play lead guitar in their reunited band. I quickly learned their repertoire, and we added original rhythm guitarist Joyce Rook and other new recruits on bass and drums.

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Main venues: The Casbah, Bar Pink, on the sidewalk outside of The Girl Can’t Help It.

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2016 a band that played obscure ‘60s covers in Spanish with an all-Chicano lineup

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