RNRPS 10th Anniversary Setlist

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RNRPS 10th Anniversary Setlist

i can't believe it's been an entire decade since Heather Hardcore and I put our crates together to start our monthly vinyl-only events!  We never repeat a theme throughout the year, and I can't believe it took us 10 years to get to: ROCK N ROLL SONGS ABOUT ROCK N ROLL

HH: Huey Lewis and the News - "The Heart of Rock N Roll"

HH: Bob Seger - "Rock N Roll Never Forgets"

DD: Buffalo Springfield - "Rock N Roll Woman"

HH: Boston - "Rock N Roll Band"

DD: Glitter Band - "Rock On"

HH: T Rex - "Rock On"

DD: KISS - "Rock N Roll All Nite"

HH: Sex Pistols - "Rock N Roll Swindle"

DD: Night Ranger - "You Can Still Rock in America"

HH: Saxon - "Just Let Me Rock"

DD: Cheap Trick - "Rock All Night"

HH: Elton John - "Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Sure Can Rock N Roll)"

DD: Chuck Berry - "Rock N Roll Music"

HH: Bill Haley and the Comets - "The Saints Rock N Roll"

DD: Elvis Presley - "Good Rockin' Tonight"

HH: Bobby Day - "Rockin' Robin"

DD: Prof La Plano - "Rock N Roll is Here to Stay"

HH: The Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio"

DD: Bay City Rollers - "Too Young to Rock N Roll"

HH: Suzi Quatro - "Rock N Roll Hootchie Koo"

DD: Girlschool - "1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll"

HH: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - "I Love Rock N Roll"

DD: Lita Ford - "Rock N Roll Made Me What I Am Today"

HH: The Runaways - "Rock N Roll"

DD: Def Leppard - "Rock of Ages"

HH: Judas Priest - "Rocka Rolla"

DD: Judas Priest - "Rock Forever"

HH: Dio - "King of Rock N Roll"

DD: Boss - "Kick Ass Rock N Roll"

HH: Ian Hunter - "Golden Age of Rock N Roll"

DD: Billy Squier - "Rock Me Tonight"

HH: David Bowie - "Rock N Roll with Me"

DD: Moody Blues - "I'm Just a Singer in a Rock N Roll Band"

HH: Slade - "Keep on Rocking"

DD: AC/DC - "Rocker"

HH: AC/DC - "Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"

DD: AC/DC - "Rock N Roll Damnation"

HH: AC/DC - "For Those About to Rock"

DD: AC/DC - "Rock N Roll Singer"

HH: AC/DC - "There's Gonna Be Rocking"

DD: AC/DC - "It's a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock N Roll"

HH: Rose Tattoo - "Rock N Roll Outlaw"

DD: Ozzy Osbourne - "You Can't Kill Rock N Roll"

HH: Toni Basil - "Rock On"

DD: Eddy Grant - "Funky Rock N Roll"

HH: RUN-DMC - "Soul to Rock N Roll"

DD: Led Zeppelin - "Rock N Roll"

HH: The Kids - "This is Rock N Roll"

DD: Twisted Sister - "You Can't Stop Rock N Roll"

HH: Rolling Stones - "It's Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It)"

DD: Great White - "Rock Me"

HH: Gary Glitter - "Rock N Roll (Parts 1 and 2)"

DD: Tom Petty - "Baby's a Rock N Roller"

HH: The Cramps - "Goddamn Rock N Roll"

DD: Meat Loaf - "Hot Patootie"

HH: Gary Glitter - "I Didn't Know I Loved You Til I Saw You Rock N Roll"

DD: John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band - "Hang Up My Rock N Roll Shoes"

HH: The Ramones - "Rock N Roll High School"

DD: Judas Priest - "Hot Rockin'"

HH: Saxon - "Bad Boys (Like to Rock N Roll"

DD: Motley Crue - "All in the Name of Rock N Roll"

HH: Dio - "Rock  N Roll Children"

DD: KISS - "Let Me Go Rock N Roll"

HH: Rose Tattoo - "Rock N Roll is King"

DD: Plasmatics - "Rock N Roll"

HH: David Bowie - "Rock N Roll Suicide"